Thrifty Travel Plans
Will Take The Stress
Out Of Your Next Vacation

  • Want to go on a thrifty travel vacation?

  • Do you wonder why it seems like everyone can find cheap vacations except you?

  • Are you stressing all year trying to save enough to take the family on a memorable trip?

  • Would you like to be able to get away with your loved one(s)?

There are so many ways to vacation - from cheap to expensive, but any of them can be memorable.

So make your goal - the inexpensive yet fun-filled - budget vacations.

Let's start with some general Thrifty Travel Tips!

Tip #1 - Look for airline tickets after 5:00pm on weekends and after midnight on weekdays.

Tip #2 - Travel during the "shoulder seasons" which are; In the Spring - From April 15th to June 15th In the Fall - From September 15 to October 30th.

Tip #3 - Find out how to save on hotels - from this helpful article.
Or use the tips from this video (be sure and turn on your speakers)

Tip #4 - Using the suggestions, lists and advise on this link, develop a thorough travel plan.

Read below about the variety of ways to travel and choose an option that fits you and your loved ones.

Here is a site that we highly recommend to anyone interested in traveling the highways and byways.

RVing Trip
Going RVing and Camping is fun and visiting Everything About RVing makes it more fun. We give you good information about RVs and Camping with some humor thrown in (at least we think it’s funny). So come on in and sit a spell.

Hiking or Backpacking Trip
Get out of town, enjoy the fresh air, plan a hiking or backpacking trip.

Camping Trip
Enjoy a weekend or a week on a relaxing camping trip. The kids are going to love this one.

Road Trip
Pack the car - Grab the maps - We're going on a road trip!

Bed And Breakfast Trip
This is a great way to meet the locals and have a relaxing vacation - staying at Bed And Breakfast Inns.

Timeshare Trip
Find out how staying in a time share is often more affordable than staying in a hotel, even if you don't own a time share.

Visit Your Thrifty Stories to read other people's stories about their timeshare experiences.

All Inclusive Trip
An affordable way to take a bigger group of family or friends on vacation is the All Inclusive Resort.

Not finding what you were looking for? Use this handy search box to locate more sites on thrifty travel.

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