Fun And
Thrifty Activities
For Adults And Children

Are you one of those people that think thrifty activities, ie: those that don't cost a lot - just can't be fun?

Fun is not the same as expensive. In fact some of the best moments in life are those that were free or very close to free.

You all know some activities that cost going for a walk, a hike or a bike ride, but what about thrifty things to do on a date, or thrifty activities for the kids?

Perhaps you love nature and live in a beautiful area, so outdoor activities are always an option. Or you may live in a snowy area, so sometimes outdoor activities are a little more challenging and sometimes (like when the temperatures dip below freezing) they are only for the very hearty.

But there are also many things to do inside. Would you like some fun suggestions for that as well?

  • Raising children in an area that was sometimes too cold to send them outside caused me to come up with some creative ideas. Don't miss these fabulous activities for children.

  • Often the cost of a date keeps people from even going out. It's time to take the stress out of dating and bring back the fun.

  • If you are looking for some thrifty ideas for the whole family, visit the Thrifty Family Activities page.

  • Find some fun and inexpensive activities for your busy toddler on the Thrifty Toddler Activities page.

Start enjoying your time off!!

Thrifty Children's Activities
This is the perfect place to find some thrifty things for the kids to do.

Another activity for children is teaching them to save.

Interested in learning more about teaching your children how to save money, visit They offer fun ways to make saving money fun and rewarding your children!

Thrifty Dating Activities
Dating does not have to be expensive. Here are some very thrifty ideas for your next date.

Thrifty Family Activities
Gather the whole family for these activities.

Thrifty Toddler Activities
Find all kinds of activities for your busy toddler.

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