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Look no more! The list of links below will take you to freebies all over the web. We will update the "stuff for free" list often.

When seeking stuff for free on the internet use caution! Often what you thought was free has hidden fees. For example you sign up for a free sample of teeth whitener. The company sends you the whitener and starts charging your credit card once a month and sending you more product. It tends to be very difficult to get yourself unsubscribed from such programs - so be careful! A tip-off is if they are calling the sample a trial.

Newest Links:

Free Christmas Clip Art (

Free Christmas Sheet Music (Be sure and follow the Creative Commons License specifications)

Free Christmas plays

Free Bible themed Christmas crafts, themes, plays, games and more.

Free Christmas Games online and

More Free Christmas Games online

Free printable Christmas Games (Mazes and such)

Free Christmas Quilt Patterns

Free Christmas Recipes (Includes a free Christmas Scenes Screen Saver)


Previous Links:

Free teaching resources from

Fun online game that donates rice through the UN Food Program at

Random but maybe useful to someone

Online game - no download needed from

Free samples and coupons from hundreds of companies at

Free coupons and offers updated daily from Zack CouponDad, sign up as a fan on Facebook for updates


Free crock pot recipes from

Free family games from

Free coupon clipping/shopping ideas from

Free Christmas ideas from This site offers ways to make some extra Holiday cash as well as ways to save on gifts.


Free coloring pages and craft projects from

Miscellaneous items from

Anything people are trying to get rid of from

On this site go to the free link for more things people are trying to get rid of from

Free Music Downloads from

Free Television Feed and Movies from

Free ringtones and wallpapers from

Free samples recommended and a short blurb on whether you need to sign up to get them from

Free coupons and reviews from

Free stuff in exchange for your reviews from

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