Thrifty Decorating
For A Tailormade Style

When money is tight decorating goes on the back burner. But with a few thrifty decorating ideas, your home can look beautiful and you can stay on your budget.

Here is an Inexpensive Fall Centerpiece for you to make.

  • Wouldn't you love to have a beautifully decorated home without paying thousands of dollars to get it?

  • Is hiring a professional decorator out of the question for you?

  • Do you walk into other peoples houses and wonder how they make their homes look so inviting?

  • Do you put off decorating because you just aren't sure where to start and what you like?

  • Are you destined to live in rooms sparsely furnished with no color or decor? No - you are not!

  • You too can afford to turn your house into a warm and cozy refuge.

Thrifty Decorating Tip #1 -
You need a plan.

What decorating style do you like? Country, Cabin, Contemporary, Ecclectic, Southwestern...?

If you don't really know, start by looking through magazines. Even if you don't want to buy a bunch of decorating magazines, you can look through them on the newsstand and get a feel for what you like.

If you still aren't sure exactly what style you like, start small. Just begin with one room. Once you start, you may find you are better at decorating than you knew.

So now do you know your style?

Use the following pages to learn more decorating ideas.

Thrifty Decorating Tip #2 - Time to choose your colors.

Use these links for ideas:
Thrifty Decorating With Color
Summer Color in Home Decorating

Thrifty Decorating Tip #3 - Remove the clutter!

You know how the decorating shows on television start by clearing out the room? They do that for a very good reason - it gives you a blank room to start with. If that already sounds like too much work, just clear the clutter - not the furniture.

Thrifty Decorating Tip #4 - The Walls.

Don't be afraid to paint the walls. Even if you are renting or leasing, usually you can paint as long as you agree to paint them back to the original color before you move out. (check you own lease/rent agreement). If painting is not allowed use the stick and peel wallpaper I mentioned above. If this is too expensive, there are stick and peel decals that cost less. You could just add a border with those or decorate a whole wall with the decals.

Start with painting just one wall. Choose the focal point of the room and paint that wall. Here is a Painting Tip the pros use but don't tell you about.

Thrifty Decorating Tip #5 - The Floor.

You may find you don't need to do a thing to the existing floor, or that may be the main item that needs your attention. Unfortunately floor covering can be costly and this is about being thrifty. For some cheap flooring ideas - Find them here.

Thrifty Decorating Tip #6 - Window Coverings.

Another area of expense is the windows. If you sew, making your curtains or drapes is the least expensive option, especially if you can find the fabric on sale. Even if you don't sew click here for some other thrifty window treatment options.

Thrifty Decorating Tip #7 - Furnishings.

Often your existing furniture will work. You may need to cover an older sofa with a sofa cover, but if your budget is tight, new furniture is very expensive. One way to change the look of a room is to use furniture from different rooms. Perhaps bring in a chair that was in a different room. Change the look of it with a pillow that matches your new room. Start looking around your house with this thought in mind. You may find furniture you didn't even remember you had.

Try this new interior decorating guide and be your own designer

Sometimes it's just a matter of placing the furniture in the right spot. Here is a book that may help, Where Do I Put The Sofa?

If you have to purchase an item of furniture, shop around. Ask your furniture store employees if there is a sale coming up or if they have one at a certain time of year. When do they change out their showrooms? Or check this blog for some great prices on Pottery Barn look alikes. Don't be afraid to buy used - check Craigs List

Thrifty Decorating Tip #8 - Accessories.

This includes lamps, pictures, pillows, items on tables, etc. This is the area where you can get really creative for the least amount of money. These items can be made, found at garage sales, or purchased second hand and still look new and fresh. For more ideas on accessorizing visit Thrifty Home Accessories, Add The Eyecatching Final Touch.

You probably thought you were finished - but there is one more step. Stand in your room and look at each wall. Turn all the way around. Stand at each doorway and look at the room. Does everything flow? Do you have to dodge furniture to get through the room? Are there stacks anywhere?

Put any stacks in a basket and place it under a table. Move any furniture that blocks the flow. Even out the walls with any pictures you hung. Don't over clutter the walls, table surfaces or floor space.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Now you are finished!

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