Thrifty Home Accessories
Add The Eyecatching Final Touch

Your decorating is complete when you add the Home Accessories. You will quickly find the accessories - pillows, pictures, candles, lamps, etc - really make or break the decor of a room.

Use the following tips to pull the whole look together.

Home Accessories Tip #1 - Less Is More.

With accessories sometimes simple and thrifty is better than complicated and cluttered. Look at an area and start with a couple of items adding one at a time. Step back and really look at the overall effect with each addition.

Home Accessories Tip #2 - Working With Color.

Use the colors of the room - the drapes, the walls, the flooring - to set the tone for your accessories.

With just a simple change of color you can completely change the look of an arrangement.

Home Accessories Tip #3 - Using Plants.

Plants - real or artificial - are a decorators best friend. They add to the warmth of any decorating style.

Home Accessories Tip #4 - Find Interesting Containers.

An interesting container can be practically anything you have around the house or yard.

These photos show a few examples of containers you might have around the house, but use your imagination.

For a western theme - an old pair of cowboy boots (lined with plastic or with small pots set down inside if you are using real plants). An old hat, an unusual bowl, an old toy truck - the possiblities are limited only by your imagination.

Home Accessories Tip #5 - Mix And Match.

Try doing a mantle, shelf or table with all one medium - such as glass jars and bottles.

Another way to use this idea is to choose different items but all the same color.

Home Accessories Tip #6 - Use What You Have.

Here is an example of "Less is more" and "Use what you have". Only three items are being used, but the effect is simple and thrifty. Look around and see what long forgotten items you have that could make an easy yet elegant table arrangement.

Another great idea is to frame the wallpaper. Even on plain walls an assortment of interesting frames can make for an eyecatching arrangement.

The main idea is to use what you have. This simple arrangement of decorative balls in a bowl is a great example.

Home Accessories Tip #7 - Pillows.

If you have never used decorative pillows to add a flair to your decorating style, now is the time to try.

A group of colorful pillows can completely change the look of a room.

Pillows are also an easy way to tie in the color scheme of your room.

Pillow forms can be purchased at any craft or fabric store. These are just the foam inside the pillow and they can be covered with the same fabric as your curtains or drapes.

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