Thrifty Shopping
And Start Seeing
The Savings

The words "thrifty shopping" are probably a contradiction of terms. But shopping doesn't have to mean spending. The thrifty shopper shops enough to find the bargains and to know when something is a bargain.

That is a good approach to shopping. If you find you need a new television, don't rush out and buy the first one off the shelf. Instead take the frugal approach - start asking friends what kind of tv they have. Start getting feedback. See if anyone you know recommends one brand or kind of television over another one. The more you research a product beforehand, the better deal you will end up finding.

So what exactly is a "deal"? It is a great price on a product that you are very satisfied with, or even a good price on a product that will last a very long time.

In the end you may settle for a secondhand item because in going through the research you lose the urgency to replace the item.

Now that's a Thrifty Deal!

Frugal shopping can be accomplished in many areas such as shopping for groceries, clothes, household items such as linens, dishes, etc, furniture, gifts, the list goes on and on.

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