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Want to find ways to obtain clothes without shopping retail for them?

Thrifty Clothes Shopping often means getting clothes from garage sales, thrift stores, second hand stores, or even hand me downs from friends and relatives.

RETAIL CLOTHING If you find that you just must go into a retail store and purchase clothing - be a thrifty shopper!

Start with the DISCOUNT CLOTHING stores. (K-Mart, WalMart, Marshalls, Target, Ross, whatever is in your area) Once inside go straight to the sales racks. Some of these discount clothing stores offer up to 75% off on the sales racks.

If there are FACTORY STORES in your area, they are sometimes less expensive. Pay attention to prices and don't pay full retail if you don't have to.

Also at the END OF EACH SEASON, when the stores are switching out the clothing, you can find the best bargains. This means you are generally buying clothes for next year and therefore they will be this years styles, so try to buy the classic pieces that tend not to go out of style.

For some items you will want to buy the LATEST STYLES, so once again shop for the bargain, the sale, the markdown. Be a thrifty shopper - watch the inserts in your newspaper for sales and take advantage of them!!

Keep in mind - clothing styles come and go, so don't try to fill your whole wardrobe with the latest styles. However have a few items that you can wear when the occasion calls for it. So shop those sales!!

Want an INTERNET SITE with clothing bargains? Once on the site, go straight for the "sale" link. Whether you surf or not, this site has some fun warm weather clothes. Mens and Womens Surf Clothing

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