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Are you trying to find ways to stretch those groceries with some Thrifty Meals?

Thrifty Food Choices

These pages will give you ideas for a variety of thrifty food choices.
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Dinner In The Round
One of the ways to stretch the groceries is to buy a few ingredients and challenge yourself to make as many meals as you can out of those ingredients...

Think of these meals as "Round One, Round Two..." and so on. Often you will like "Round Three" as much as the first one.

Here is a simple example...Buy a whole chicken, a bag of potatoes, a couple of onions, a bag of celery and a bag of wide egg noodles.

  • Round One - Bake the chicken with some potatoes, celery and half an onion.
  • Round Two - Cut some of the leftover chicken off the bones and make open-faced sandwiches covered in gravy.
  • Round Three - Take the rest of the chicken - bones, skin and all - and boil it in a large pot for an hour. Take it out of the broth (do not discard the broth) and cool. Peel all the meat off the bones and discard the bones and skin. Put all the meat back into the reserved broth with some cut up celery, onion, potatoes and some noodles and make a soup.

The same idea can be applied to turkey. With the turkey make Round Two by cutting up some of the turkey and heating it with some turkey gravy. Add all of that to some cooked wide egg noodles - Yum.

You can also do a couple of rounds with pork roast. The first night it's roast with all the potatoes and such. The next night it's cooked down, pulled apart, added to barbeque sauce and served on rolls for pulled pork sandwiches.

While we're talking food - How about a thrifty baby food idea?
Here is a great idea for some very inexpensive baby food. Anytime you are making dinner that isn't too spicy, pull out about 1/4 cup before you seasoned it. Then take that and mash it with a fork or even in a food processor. Place this mashed food in ice cube trays and freeze. Then just heat up a couple of these for the baby instead of buying that expensive food in the jars, or containers.

This is a great idea because, not only is it a Thrifty Meal, but you can control the ingredients being fed to your baby.

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