Some Recipes For
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Thrifty Breakfast

Are you looking for aThrifty Breakfast?
This is the least expensive meal of the day because there are many Thrifty Food choices for breakfast.

For instance - oatmeal, cream of wheat, egg omelets, eggs and bacon (although bacon is really not inexpensive you can substitute any meat - even lunchmeat) bagels and cream cheese (bagels are quite reasonable unless you buy them in a bagel cafe), even eggs and spam (Admittedly spam is not everyones favorite but it is very inexpensive).

Notice cereal was missing from that list? Cereal is expensive so if you have to buy cereal, get the bags of generic brands, they are cheaper.

The links below will give you a few recipes to get started on making breakfast instead of skipping breakfast.

Apple Honey Scones
Biscuits N Gravy
Breakfast Burritos
French Toast
Ham Frittata
NASCAR Cassarole
On The Run Breakfast Bar
Thrifty Breakfast Food

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