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Thrifty Lunch

Thrifty Lunch
Are you having trouble finding the time to make and eat lunch?

For this midday meal sandwiches are always a good way to go. Peanut butter and jelly is certainly a thrifty food choice, as is egg salad sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, and tuna fish sandwiches.

Of course you can't beat Ramon noodles for being inexpensive.

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If you have access to a kitchen at lunch time, you can make your own noodles with butter or heat some homemade soup (which is much less expensive than store bought cans of soup.)

Also keep in mind salad is an inexpensive meal if you make it yourself. In most restaurants a salad can cost four times as much as one made at home.

The real key to saving money on lunch is - don't eat out. Don't eat at restaurants or at fast food establishments - It's all expensive and you are not in control of the ingredients you are eating.

The links below will give you a few recipes to get started on making your lunch healthy, easy and homemade.

Tuna Sandwich
Bowl Of Veggies

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