Save Your Budget With
Thrifty Gift Shopping

Do you need to buy gifts and stay in a budget?

Thrifty Gift Shopping is often a matter of shopping in the right places.

Check the following online sites for some bargain gift shopping and scroll down the page for some easy gift ideas.
If you are really looking for inexpensive gifts, this is the site to go to. Most items are under $10 and many are under $5.
This is an especially good site for Father's Day gifts, or men's gifts, but they have a huge variety of other gifts as well.

Click Here for Thrifty Gift Ideas

If you are looking for Father's Day gifts, scrapbooking gifts and supplies, cards or wrapping paper, this site cannot be beat - click on the picture at left.
When you visit this site, click on "Gift Ideas Center" and then "Gifts Under $10" for the best bargains.

Click Here For Thrifty Kid's Gifts

Click on the picture of the Rubber Duckies for very inexpensive children's gifts. They have many fun toys, crafts, kits, costumes, etc, at truly great prices.

Are you looking for some Thrifty Flowers? Try these sites.
The prices on this site were as low as $29.95 which seems to be about the lowest out there.

On this site go straight to "Specials" for the best deals. Prices start around $29.99.

Homemade Gifts - One of the less expensive ways to give gifts is to make them yourself. Ideas range from a plate of cookies to a calendar with family/friend pictures.

For the writers in your life - Give them a journal with a special note from you in the front cover.

Or try this web site for homemade and thrifty gift shopping.

Thrifty Wrapping - Baskets are always a good way to put together a gift. In fact, one way to save on the gift is to save on the wrapping. When it is practical, wrap the gift in part of the gift.

For example, wrap a baby shower gift in a receiving blanket with a ribbon wrapped around the top.

Wrap a childs gift in a throw.

For an adult, get kitchen gadgets and wrap them in kitchen towels.

For the male adult, get barbeque gadgets and wrap them in an apron.

Bridal Shower - wrap the gift in bath towels.

Cute Baby Shower Gift Idea- Get a basket, a clothesline (any rope will work) and some clothes pins. Have each person invited to the shower bring their gift unwrapped. Pin each gift to the clothesline and fold it all into the hamper or basket. As the "Mom" starts pulling out the line, have her pass the end to the next person and send the clothesline all the way around the room and back to the basket. As the Mom is looking at each gift, everyone else gets to see them too and in the end, the clothesline gets put back into the basket.

Mother's Day Gift- This is a great one for kids to make up for Mom.

Gather the following items:

Rubber Band
Hershey Kiss
Cotton Ball
Sheet of Note Paper
Band Aid

Then print out these three pdf files. Assemble the items in a bag with the list on the outside.

Mother's Day List
Coconut Kisses Recipe

Christmas Gift - Get some Christmas or Easter hand towels and print out this pdf to pass out with the towels.

Neighbor Gift - If you're needing a Christmas gift for a neighbor or friend (this one is especially good for the overworked, really busy people you know) -

Put together a package of microwave popcorn, (a gift certificate for a movie rental if you want to add more to the package) a liter bottle of Root Beer and this pdf.

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