Create an Inexpensive Fall Centerpiece
By Linda Holmes

This table decoration is very easy to make and you can use many supplies you have on hand around your house. It's not only an inexpensive fall centerpiece, it is the perfect decoration for a household on a tight budget.

Items you will need:

  • A basket, vase or any container you have on hand,
  • A good set of shears or clippers (to gather branches),
  • One block of florist foam (available in craft store or at florist),
  • Miscellaneous branches from your yard,
  • 3-9 artificial flowers in Fall colors,
  • Fall colored ribbon

Pick out a basket, vase or any other container you have. Place the florist foam in bottom, cut to fit if needed. Next take a walk outside. Clip 2-3 branches from any interesting tree or bush. Try to get a variety of leaves and colors. If all the leaves have fallen, try to find some evergreen or pine branches. What ever kind of trees or bushes you have, get a few branches. As a precaution you may need to treat the branches with insecticide before you bring them inside.

Trim the branches, removing all the stems and leaves from the bottom of the branch. Gently start placing the branches in the foam block. Be sure to work the branches into the block on all sides.

Once you have placed all of the branches you gathered, stand back and see if you need to move anything or add more. You may also find you need to trim some of the branches to make them shorter.

When you have the branches where you want them, tie the ribbon into a bow and place it in the arrangement.

If you used a vase, tie the ribbon around the vase. If you don't like the look the first time, move things around, add more or remove some branches. Just work with it until you like the look.

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