Have Some Fun With These
Thrifty Dating Activities

Ahhh...those days of dating...when the girl wants to go somewhere...anywhere, and do something...anything, except hang out for one more weekend watching him watch tv or play video games.
And the guy just wants to do something...anything, that isn't going to drain his wallet.

This may be the world of dating but the best part is this is the one time in a relationship that you are both willing to do some things the other wants to do. So have some fun with it!

Here is a $5.00 thrifty dating activity!!
Set out Saturday morning wearing casual clothes, comfortable shoes, light jackets, and carrying our cameras. Get on the city bus (any cheap public transportation in your area will work), and head for any local festival, parade, art show, concert in the park, etc.

Spend the day playing tourist - taking pictures, watching the entertainment, and enjoying each others company. Generally at these events you can buy lunch from one of the sidewalk hot dog stands.

So total it up, whatever public transportation costs, plus some inexpensive food, and that's it.

Now mind you, there are local festival events that cost an entry fee plus everything inside costs seperately. (These are the events where turkey legs cost $8.00 a piece.)

Obviously if you are looking for a thrifty dating activity, don't go to these venues.

Picnic In The Park!
Another inexpensive date is a picnic in the park. When was the last time you packed up a lunch and headed for the local park, or drove to a more remote area and set up your picnic on a blanket?

This is a really fun date because most people don't do it very often. Many deli's sell pre-boxed picnic lunches but if you are going for thrifty, make your own. Also pack the glasses and the beverages.

Go On A Date - Make An Album!
This one might appeal to the photographer enthusiasts among you.

If you are lucky enough to live near the mountains or the beach, those or both places to go for little or no money.

Even if you don't live near either of those places, you can go exploring your own city or town together. Take cameras and get some pictures of those familiar places you've never photographed.

Once you have the photos printed spend an afternoon putting together a date album. Both of you write a little something about the day to include in the album.

How About A Cooking Day?
If you both like to cook, or one of you loves cooking and the other doesn't mind helping - head for the kitchen.

Decide on a theme, pick out the menu, make a shopping list and do the shopping together.

Now spend the day (both of you!) cooking the meal and enjoying it.

Divide up the menu and each of you be in charge of part of it. This is a fun way to spend a day or just an evening.

Make sure no one leaves until the kitchen is cleaned up.

Need more thrifty dating activities?

Here is one for the shoppers - even frugal shoppers will find this a fun activity.
Do you and your honey like art? Find a few art museums or studios in your area and go check them out.

Or maybe you both have an interest in antiques? Do the same thing, but go to the antique stores.

Perhaps there is a particular item you've been wanting to purchase for your place. Like a chair for a certain room, or a vase for a particular table. Enlist your dates help and go to several stores. The extra input is usually helpful and it gives you a day together.

Thrifty Dating Activities for the Winter.
So it's the middle of the winter and you need something fun to do?

If you have enough snow in your area to go snowshoeing, that is a great activity. Snowshoes can be rented at most ski rental shops but unlike skiing it takes no special place.

Of course if you cross country ski, that is a good activity too, especially if you already have skis.

But what if you are the indoor type and don't want to go play in the snow? No problem, here are a few more thrifty ideas.

Cook up your favorite pot of warm soup and snuggle up with your honey to watch a movie. No money for a movie? Watch one of the old movies on tv.

Give a romantic card and don't spend a dime!!.
Once you read this story you will know just how broke we once were.

It was an anniversary and we had no money even for a card. Of course we could have skipped the card altogether, but we wanted to do something. So we went to the store, went to the cards, each found the card we would have given to each other, handed it to the other person, read our card and returned them both to the shelf!!

Now those are some Thrifty Dating Activities!

Remember - In the end dating is all about the memories, not the amount of money spent.

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