Treat Yourself To A Pampered Vacation
With A
Thrifty Timeshare Trip

Do you love to travel to places far away?

The thrifty timeshare trip may save you money.

For those who aren't familiar with timeshares, they are resorts (sometimes hotels, but usually resorts) located all over the world, that are sold in increments - like a week at a time.

Timeshares are definately a thrifty traveling method if you are going far from home. Unlike a hotel, timeshare resorts have built-in kitchens, making eating on your thrifty timeshare trip a lot less expensive.

Let's clarify a couple of things about a timeshare resort. The rooms are fully furnished, most have a kitchen that is stocked with dishes and pans, many have swimming pools, weight/work out rooms, on-site restaurants, and planned activities that are optional to the guests.

You do not have to own one in order to stay at a timeshare for cheap. In fact most timeshare resorts will allow you to stay for free or a very discounted rate, if you will agree to watch their presentation about the resort.

They have a couple of stipulations for their guests that don't own a unit in the resort

- If you are married, you must attent the presentation with your spouse.

- You are under no obligation to purchase a unit, but you must stay for the entire presentation.

Most timeshare promtion companies claim the presentation will take 60-90 minutes, but, in reality, it will take around half a day - so plan your trip accordingly.

If you own a timeshare, you know that you can stay at your home resort for little or nothing each year. Timeshares are marketed many different ways, so there is no way to say exactly how much one would cost you to buy. They also come with annual maintenance fees, so even if you don't pay a weekly rate to stay, you still pay the annual fee.

Tell us your timeshare or hotel stories.

Have you owned a timeshare you couldn't wait to sell? Tell us where it was and what happened.

Have you stayed at a hotel that was so bad you still shudder to think of it? We want to hear your story.

Have you had the opposite experience - You love your timeshare, or you stumbled across a hotel you return to again and again? Let us know your story.

Time Share or Hotel Stories

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