Get Out In The Wild With A
Thrifty Camping Trip

A thrifty camping trip is the perfect solution if you want to get away from it all but don't have the money for airfare, hotels and entertainment.

Not only is camping a good vacation for a couple, it is a great trip for a family with children. In general, kids love nature, dirt and the outdoors. It just follows that they would love camping. What could be better for a kid than sleeping in a tent instead of your bedroom?

Camping can be a relatively civil undertaking if you stay at an established campground. Some have restrooms with plumbing and showers (especially the ones at reservoirs). It depends on the campground you find, but some have campground host or manager that comes around to each campsite and cleans out the firepit everyday as well as empties the trash.

Here's a site you will want to check out if you are camping in Canada
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You can also opt to camp in a remote area where there are no other people or any designated campsites. These areas don't exist everywhere, so check with the forest service or similar agency in your area.

Camping in remote areas requires more planning since you have to tote your own water and trash receptacles as well as your food, tent, sleeping bags, cooking items including stove, etc.

A great way to always be ready for camping is to pack a camping box that stays in storage until you go camping. The camping box holds items such as:

1 box wooden matches (in an airtight bag)
1 saucepan,
1 frying pan,
spatula, large serving spoon,
Can of coffee, or tea,
sugar and powered creamer,
Fire safe coffee pot,
packages of hot chocolate,
tin foil,
dish soap,
dish towel,
hand soap,
hand towel,
wash cloth,
salt and pepper with lid,
paper plates, bowls, cups, napkins,
plastic forks, spoons,
2 or 3 knives,
A rope and clothes pins,
roll of toilet paper
roll of paper towels

This is a sample list. You should include anything that can stay in the box from year to year without going bad. And anything you definately need to prepare a meal, and clean up both the meal and the family when you are camping.

You might also want to include a deck of cards or other activities. Keeping a camping box is a cheap camping trick. It saves you a lot of money be cause you don't have to go buy everything every time you go camping.

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