Meet The Locals
With A
Thrifty Bed And Breakfast Trip

If you enjoy meeting and talking to the people in the area you are traveling, a thrifty Bed And Breakfast trip would be the perfect vacation for you. A Bed and Breakfast is basically someone's house with some extra bedrooms. You stay in the extra room(s) and they fix you breakfast in the morning.

Most Bed and Breakfast establishments book up on weekends, so if you can travel on weekdays, you can cash in on the bargains. Even better are weekends in the off seasons. For the best travel savings, look for Bed and Breakfasts in the area you plan to travel and call to find out about their discounts.

Bed and Breakfasts usually allow children, but be sure and ask if you are traveling with children.

Click here to see a few Bed And Breakfast options.

- A Colorado B&B

- A Rhode Island B&B

- A British Columbia B&B

Click here to find a Bed And Breakfast in your area.

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