Get Back To Nature With A
Thrifty Hiking Trip

If you love the outdoors, thrifty hiking trips are the perfect way to get away from the city, the noise, the everyday hustle.

Hiking trips can vary in intensity, effort and expense.

You can rent a room or cabin near a hiking path, then hike out and back everyday. This allows you to see some beautiful sights but sleep in a bed at night.

Another option is to put everything you need for the days you will be gone (including tent, sleeping bag, food , water and a cook stove) into a backpack and hike all day. You will then camp wherever you get to and start out the following morning to hike again.

You may opt to backpack across country and have a prearranged ride at the other end, or hike out for half the days and back the other half. This type of trip takes a good deal of planning, but can be very rewarding.

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