Vacation At A Nice Resort
And Still Get A Bargain
With A Thrifty All Inclusive Trip

Many resorts now offer a thrifty all inclusive trip option.

This means the price includes everything from the room, food (on site usually), and drinks - including alcoholic beverages to activities, clinics, taxes and tips. If you book with an all-inclusive resort find out exactly what is included so there are no surprises when you arrive.

Since generally the food is included, if you are traveling with kids who can't seem to get enough food, this is a thrifty value.

Often the drinks are also included, so if you are with a group who likes to have cocktails by the pool (or they enjoys going to bars) the all inclusive is a money saver.

Cheap all inclusive vacations can be found almost anywhere in the world, but do your research - some are not the all inclusive budget vacations they appear to be. There are often added taxes and gratuities and other hidden charges, so check the fine print. Also if activities are said to be included, make sure there are no extra charges for those. Usually the all inclusive resort will include many activities, such as snorkeling in the water in front of the resort, and charge for others, such as parasailing.

For a fun-filled, memorable vacation for a group, few can beat the many thrifty locations, and the thrifty value of an all inclusive trip.

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