I had to travel to England

by Barb


A couple of years ago I had to travel to England to visit my mother. It was her 80th birthday and I wanted to do something special for her and so I decided to take her to Norway for a few days.

People may not know, but once you are in Europe, the cost of flights to other European countries is much cheaper that you might expect.

We flew from a smaller airport (Liverpool) to Oslo for $1 plus taxes! Yes, really, $1 each! We flew in the middle of the day, which was a lot cheaper than the morning flights.

Before I left home I had checked the cost of hotels in Oslo and found that they were very expensive - so I booked accommodation for us at a Youth Hostel - $35 each per night, including breakfast. The hostel was wonderful and clean, my Mom had a great time.

I also had wanted to take her on a mini-cruise around the Oslofjord which would have cost $70 each, but instead I bought us a $12 pass each for all public transport for the day - bus, tram, train and also the boats that go to and from all the islands in the fjord! We rode on several of the boats for the afternoon and had a wonderful time - we could get on and off at any of the stops at various places of interest and then just catch the next boat on to the next place.

Food and drink was also expensive, so we found a grocery store and bought lots of fruits, rolls and cheese and made sandwiches, and we filled our water bottles before we left the hostel each morning.

We really did the whole 3-day trip on a tiny budget!

Here is a link to the airline we used - www.ryanair.com

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