Love Our Timeshare

by Jewel

(United States)

We love our timeshare. As a family of five we always like to cook at least 75% of our meals ourselves when we travel, otherwise the cost of the vacation really skyrockets.

The timeshares are a perfect way for all of us to have plenty of room...and with the full kitchen we can cook. We save lots by having breakfast in the unit every day, and then we usually pack lunches and snacks to take with us. We treat ourselves to two or three local dinners out, but then we also cook at least two or three dinners in over the week.

We do own one...but many times we will also stay at an additional resort and just do the tour for the discounted rate...especially near Disney! They are all over the place there. In addition to the stay, many of them will give other bonuses for taking the tour. We have had some very nice dinner passes as well as passes to the theme parks.

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