A Little Spent, A Lot Saved

by Mary

(Florida, USA)

I live in South Florida, the land of plenty when it comes to fruit and veggies!

My daughter Angela (who lives with me) works for a company that has many exotic fruit trees - lychee, mango and avacado are just a few.

It is now mango season (June-July). Last week Angela brought home at least a two dozen beautiful mangos. We made smoothies, we ate them like peaches and we froze the rest! Our freezer was full of mangos in little freezer bags.

We considered buying a stand alone freezer, but thought it would take up too much space. Then we found a small upright measuring 33 X 20 X 21 for under $200. (Approx 8 cu ft) To save bending we placed the freezer on concrete blocks. (It squeezed in my studio just fine.)

Now, we will not only have mangos and lychees to last us until next season . . . we are already taking advantage of grocery store frozen food specials!

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