Wishing A Fun And
Thrifty Halloween
To Ghosts And Goblins Everywhere!

Buying costumes and candy does not make it easy to have a Thrifty Halloween. This year try out one of these cheap costume ideas and send your little ghosts out for a fun-filled evening.

Ghost - What could be easier than a sheet of white fabric (even an old sheet) with two eye holes in it? Tie a strip of fabric loosely around the neck to hold the costume in place and keep the length about a foot off the ground so your little ghost doesn't trip and fall.

Mummy - Rip a white or grey sheet into 2 to 3 inch strips and wrap around arms, legs and torso. Tuck ends in and leave part of the fabric dangling. Have the person wear a white, grey or beige sweat suit underneath. You can add to the gruesome effect with a little fake blood (catsup works or red food coloring) dabbled on here and there. For even more effect, paint the exposed face with green makeup, black around eyes.

Bum - Have the person wear old, torn pants and an old, torn shirt (Purchase them at a thrift store if you don't have any). Make a pack with a bandana tied on a stick (stuff with newspaper). For even more effect, mess up hair (you can add hair gel and mess it up so it will stay in place), apply a very thin layer of vaseline to the chin and cheeks and dab on coffee grounds to make a "beard".

Bunch of Grapes - Another very creative, thrifty Halloween costume idea is; Have the person wear a purple sweat suit and attach inflated purple balloons all over them. Top with a green hat cut in the shape of a leaf. The hat can be made out of construction paper or felt or any green fabric.

Mime - Wearing all white, paint the face white with black accents around eyes and mouth. This site has some close up pictures of mimes and their makeup, to give you some ideas.

Skier - If you live in a cold climate area, you probably already have heavy coats, mittens, gloves, hats, etc. Find an old pair of ski poles at a second hand store and you have a costume.

Thrifty Holloween Costume Ideas - For parents of multiples; check out this blog.

For some inexpensive costumes you can buy, click on this ad from Oriental Trading...

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