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Editor's Letter - It is November. We have experienced our first big snow storm of the year and are gearing up for the approaching holidays.

The holiday season got me to thinking of the many people who will be traveling during the holidays. Traveling is so expensive, between the airfare or gasoline or tickets for whatever mode of transportation you take, and the hotel rooms, rental cars and food - whew!

It all seems to add up very fast. So here are a few tips on how to save money on travel with the approaching holiday season... if you plan to fly, don't wait too long to book your tickets, they get more expensive the longer you wait. Fly out of a smaller airport because the large international airports often come with higher prices. If you are booking a cruise, book during the holidays when many people are visiting family. If you plan to rent a car, check to see if your private vehicle insurance will cover the rental car. Always return the rental car with a full tank of gas, otherwise the rental company will fill it and charge you much more for the tank of gas. If you are driving, check to see if the route has a toll road, if so, check to see if there is an alternate route.

If you plan your trip in advance and book any extra expenses (such as a shuttle from the airport to the hotel) before you leave, your trip will be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Above all, enjoy your holidays!

Wishing you the best in your thrifty life.

Linda Holmes


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Featured Offer

If you love to BBQ and aren't ready to give it up, these recipes are for you. The folks at Make Dinners Easy have posted a couple of indoor bbq recipes. They are free, so go take a look!

Braised BBQ Ribs
Marinated Flank Steak

What's New At -

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One of the pages we added this summer was Free Stuff. We have now added more links to this page.

As we mentioned before - not everything advertised on the internet as Free is actually Free, so use caution. Some companies offer a free trial offer and when you sign up they put you on an every 30 day shipment. If you return the sample within their time period (usually 10 to 30 days) they will not charge your card, but otherwise they will.

If you are trying to get something free on the internet and in order to get it you have to enter your credit card information, most likely it is not free at all.

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Free teaching resources from
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Getting Finances In Order - Part 9 -

In January you made up your files and filed away all of your old bills and receipts.

In February you set up your end of year tax file.

In March you started maintaining your files.

In April you filed your taxes.

In May you continued filing your paid invoices and bills in your files.

In June you were in the swing of things and were keeping your bills paid on time and had an idea of your due dates and amounts due.

In July take a good look at your spending for the first half of the year. Are you spending what you intended on bills, groceries, clothing and misc items?

In August and September hopefully you stayed within your budget and are in a much better place financially than when you started.

In October you looked at your spending so far for the year.

In November you should now have a good idea of what your expenses are. You should know if you are almost finished paying off a debt.

It is time to see how much you have in your budget for the upcoming holidays. If you write down a specific amount you plan to spend and don't go over that amount, you can get through the holidays without going into debt.

There is nothing more depressing than buying a bunch of gifts on credit and getting that first bill in January. Instead, spend only what you have. If that means you won't be buying gifts for as many people, then accept that and enjoy the fellowship of the season.

To conclude, for this month, write down the amount you have for gifts or other holiday expenses, and make a list of the people you plan to buy for, and then stick to your list!

Thrifty Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving is a very nice holiday because generally there are no gifts involved. The day is usually about eating a large dinner and seeing family and friends. The main expenses are groceries for the meal. So if you are hosting the meal, have everyone bring something to contribute. That makes it more affordable for everyone and less stressful for the host/hostess.

For ideas on decorating and recipes, visit our Thanksgiving page, which includes the link How to make an Inexpensive Fall Centerpiece

Whatever your plans are for the holidays, enjoy the time, the day and the people.

These THRIFTY LIVING TIPS should get you started on a fun and thrifty November.

Next month look for Winter decorating ideas as well as a yummy hot chocolate recipe.

Please be safe and enjoy your friends and your family.

See you with more Thrifty Ideas in December!