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Segment 1 - Editor's Letter

Segment 2 - Thrifty Father's Day Tips

Segment 3 - A Thrifty Summer Decorating Tip

Segment 4 - What's New At Thrifty Living Tips

Segment 5 - Getting Finances In Order - Part 6

Segment 6 - Favorite Summertime Food

Editor's Letter - Hi Everyone,
I do hope you are enjoying June. We are busy around here with gardens, deep cleaning and garage sales.

And of course we are always trying to find thrifty living tips and ideas. This newsletter has many thrifty ideas, so read through and get some thoughts on saving yourself some money.

On the topic of gardening, we have added many pages to the Thrifty gardening area of the site. Check them out!

Try to fit in some time for local garage and yard sales. There are bargains to be had for all. Before you go however, have an idea of what you are looking for.

Best Wishes, Linda Holmes

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Thrifty Father's Day Tips - Your Father's Day gift may not be expensive, but your Father will know he taught you to be thrifty with your money. That is a gift already. Here are 5 more thrifty living tips for Father's Day gifts on a budget. read the rest of this article here.

A Thrifty Summer Decorating Tip -

Summer Color In Home Decorating By Kathy Wilson:

What do you think my first suggestion would be? Paint, of course! Paint something a fresh, vibrant color! Try taking your regular room palette, and just punch it up a bit! Or, add co-ordinating brights. If not your walls, how about a door, a piece of furniture, or a few accent pieces. Try french or periwinkle blue, sunny yellow, lavendar, or fire engine red. Save the more intense colors for smaller areas, of course! ...continue reading article here.

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What's New At Thrifty Living Tips -

This month we have added:

Visit the site blog to find out all our new updates!

Getting Finances In Order - Part 6 -

In January you made up your files and filed away all of your old bills and receipts.

In February you set up your end of year tax file.

In March you started maintaining your files.

In April you filed your taxes.

In May you will continue filing your paid invoices and bills in your files.

In June you should be in the swing of things by now. You should be keeping your bills paid on time, have an idea of your due dates and amounts due. If you have fallen behind on any bills, resolve to find a way to cut some expenses or add some income to your life.

If you haven't been keeping up with bill paying and filing, get started now. Consider it your half-year resolution. Go back to the previous newsletters and do each step starting with January. Remember the sooner you start taking charge of your finances, the sooner you will enjoy financial freedom.

Favorite Summertime Food -

This month share your favorite Summertime food. Does your family gather for fish fries, barbeques, picnics - what foods does everyone bring?

Share your ideas and recipes and I will put them on the site and give you a link in the July newsletter.

Here is a link to share your recipes.

We can't wait to hear all your favorite foods and recipes!

These THRIFTY LIVING TIPS should get you started on a fun and thrifty June.

Please be safe and enjoy your friends and your family.

See you with more Thrifty Ideas in July!