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Segment 1 - Thrifty St Patrick's Day

Segment 2 - Is Budget a Bad Word?

Segment 3 - Get Out Of Debt E-Book Soon To Be Released

Segment 4 - Getting Finances In Order - Part 3

Segment 5 - Thrifty Meals For St Patrick's Day

Thrifty St Patricks Day -

Not everyone celebrates St Patrick's Day. But for those who do, it can be a lot of fun and doesn't have to be expensive. St Patrick's Day is a celebration of Saint Patrick, the Irish patron saint of Ireland. Since this day is celebrated on March 17th during the Christian season of Lent, the ban on eating meat was waved and people would attend church in the morning and then celebrate into the night. They would dance, drink and eat - a traditionally meal of Irish bacon and cabbage.

Today St Patrick's Day is still celebrated with eating, drinking, parades and general merriment in many countries. The traditional meal is now corned beef and cabbage.

If you are looking for some fun on St Patrick's Day, find the closest parade or if you are the athletic type, find a St Patrick's Day 5K walk or run or a marathon. In Chicago, Illinois, USA, they dye the river green - talk about FUN!

For some mazes, coloring pages and fun ideas for kids visit this site.

Is Budget a Bad Word? -

In our last newsletter we talked about changing your mind-set about spending. How have you done? Did you take on the challenge? This month I would like to ask you if you think Budget is a bad word?

Many people shy away from the word budget, but the reality is we all have a budget. Whether we spend all we make on bills, living expenses, food and necessities or fun, partying and unnecessary purchases, we have a budget. When we run out of money and credit, we stop spending.

It is quite obvious that some budgets work far better than others, but there are many methods out there. So what you need to know is what method would work best for you?

Think about your personality. How determined are you when you set your mind to something. If you decided to eliminate all of your debt, how would you do it? How determined could you be? Could you stick to a strict budget? Would you prefer a less stringent budget? Are you a person who wants everything now and are willing to sacrifice to get it now - or not?

These are all questions I am asking you to contemplate. Spend some time deciding what kind of personality you have and how that may apply to your finances.

These thoughts and much more will be addressed in the upcoming Step-By-Step, Get Out Of Debt e-book.

Get Out Of Debt E-Book Soon To Be Released -

Step-By-Step Get Out Of Debt is soon to be released.

If you have debt in your life, this is a book you won't want to miss. It will literally walk you step-by-step to get out of debt.

Put yourself on the list now and when the book is released, you will be among the first to know.

Go to this page to sign up for your copy of the book.

It will cost you nothing to sign up - you won't pay a dime until the book is released and you return to purchase it.

Getting Finances In Order - Part 3 -

In January you made up your files and filed away all of your old bills and receipts. In February you set up your end of year tax file. In March you will start maintaining your files.

As your bills come in, place them in the "To Be Paid" file. Once you have paid a bill, write the check number on the bill and file it in your filling cabinet. If the company didn't send you an extra copy to keep in your records, make a copy or just put the account and invoice number on the payment and keep the bill.

Thrifty Meals For St Patrick's Day -

Corned beef and cabbage is a very easy meal to make. You will need one corned beef, one head of cabbage quartered, 2 or 3 potatoes peeled and quartered, salt and pepper. Place the corned beef in a pan with all the juices in the package. Cover with water, bring to a boil. Add contents of spice packet included with the beef. Turn heat to medium, cover and simmer for 2 1/2 to 3 hours or until tender. In last 1/2 hour add cabbage and potatoes. Continue to boil until vegetables are fork tender.

For full recipes and more meal ideas go to our thrifty meals pages.

These THRIFTY LIVING TIPS should get you started on a fun and thrifty March.

Please be safe and enjoy your friends and your family.

See you with more Thrifty Ideas in April!