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Segment 1 - Thrifty News...Debt Free E-Book Has Been Released!

Step-By-Step, Get Out Of Debt -

We wanted to give you a heads up that the long awaited e-book, Step-By-Step, Get Out Of Debt has been released.

The book contains valuable information for anyone struggling with debt, or just trying to keep from getting into that position.

A few of the subjects included in the e-book are, how to:

  • Determine your indebtedness,
  • Resolve to release yourself from debt,
  • Create a realistic plan that works for you,
  • Implement your plan successfully and long term,
  • Live Debt Free

The response to the book has been very positive and somewhat overwhelming, so we wanted to once again offer you the early sale price.

Go to this page to purchase your copy of the book.

The book is now live on the site.

If it is your intention to buy the book, we recommend you purchase it at the introductory price.

Thank you for your time and continued support of our site,

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